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It’s almost been three weeks since my water broke.  During that time, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to do research on the best ways to prolong latency, potentially re-seal the amniotic sac and keep myself from getting infected.

I want to share all of that information now, just in case someone is in the same situation.  It’s very likely that your doctor or midwife will not tell you all of these things.  My specialist specifically said that he is doing the same things in the case of pPROM that he was doing 30 years ago.  I must admit, that is NOT good enough for me.

First and foremost, you must drink water and lots of it.  Water not only keeps you hydrated, potentially creating more fluid for the baby, but it also helps ward off premature labor.  If you’re dehydrated, you have more of a chance at going into labor.  Aim for 2 gallons a day**, with a bare minimum of 80 oz.  If you can’t drink it all as straight water, try alternating with small amounts of Gatorade to keep your electrolytes up.  I was getting a sick feeling from all the water until I started alternating it with Gatorade or no sugar added juice (I choose cranberry juice because it fights infection, also.)  Eating some fruit with the water also helps, it doesn’t have to be a lot…a few slices of apple or orange, some grapes or a strawberry.  But I’ve found having a few bites of fruit does help the water go down.

(**Not all people can handle 2 gallons of water per day.  Be aware of the signs of water intoxication.  If you can’t drink as much water as you need to, start slow, keep at it, and it will get easier.)


These are the supplements I currently take, I’ll be talking about them in order. They’re numbered, but in case you can’t see the numbers I’m going left to right across the two rows.

1.  This is a standard 500mg vitamin C supplement.  This is probably the most important supplement to take because it has a variety of different benefits for women experiencing PROM.  I take a total of 4 grams of vitamin C in pill form per day.  Vitamin C is essential for the formation of  Collagen, which makes up a majority of what composes the amniotic sac.  Vitamin C has also been proven in studies to prolong the latency period and it also helps fight stress and wards off infection.

2. These are Garden of Life Primal Defense and I take 3 per day. The most important function of this supplement is fighting infection in the body, as it is a probiotic.  Think: you can trade your yogurt for 3 of these per day.  Primal Defense helps regulate your bowel function and boosts your immune system.  It also works in a way that your other supplements are more readily absorbed so your body can use them.

3. This is a combo of vitamins E&C.  Two of these provide 800 IU of vitamin E and 1 gram of vitamin C.  These two combined have been proven in studies to prolong the latency period after rupture of membranes.  You can take up to 1200 IU per day of vitamin E, however it has been shown in some cases that doses over 800 IU increase blood pressure.  So, I just stick to 800 IU.

4. These are Standard Process Utrophin PMG which supports healthy uterine function. It also supports the healing function of white blood cells and neutralizes antibodies.  It hasn’t been proven or tested (that I know of) in the case of pPROM.  My chiropractor recommended it for me and I thought that it would be a great supplement to use if only for the benefit of increasing the health of my uterus.

5. This is Garden of Life Perfect Food.  It supports immune function and digestive health.  This is a great way to get your daily serving of greens and to nourish your body and provide your baby with great nutrition.

***Not Pictured***  COLLAGEN-C by Standard Process

This is, by far, the most important one I can mention (however–vitamins C&E are critical, so if you can–take all 3.)  You can find the specifics on Collagen-C here.  (This has been edited as of 5/12/11)  I have known several women who have taken Collagen-C  post-rupture & have reaccumilated fluid for days at a time, one even went from 1-2cm to 16.  Collagen-C is great, go out and get some stat.


These are the bottles for reference.  Perfect Food also provides additional vitamin C.


In this picture is my prenatal vitamin, which is a liquid, and additional vitamin C that I supplement with.

Source of Life prenatal liquid is the most comprehensive prenatal I have yet to find. From their website: “Fast-acting and easily digested, Source of Life Prenatal Liquid is fortified with all essential vitamins and eight essential minerals, plus the vital energy of nature’s premier whole foods, including apple, broccoli, spinach, tomato, brown rice, apricot and banana—so every daily serving supplies natural energy and nutritional strength.”  It tastes like a vitamin-y peach and looks like green slime. This also has 100% dv of Zinc, which is also a recommended supplement in the treatment of pPROM.

The Emergen-C Super Orange provides 1 gram of vitamin C per packet, plus 7 B vitamins for energy.  It tastes pretty good and  is a little more exciting to take than 4 more vitamin C pills.

I know there is a lot of info here and I may not have elaborated enough on some of the benefits.   Google has a wealth of information about most of these so I suggest reading up.  Also, if you just have to pick a few of these I’d suggest 4-6 grams vitamin C, Primal Defense & Collagen-C.  These are the most powerful supplements you can have in your regimen.


4 responses to this post.

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  2. I’m not clear on the vitamin C you take. Is that 4 doses of the 500 mg? Also, where did you purchase Collagen C?


    • I took up to 4-6 grams per day. 1000mg=1 gram. So, everyday I took around 8 500mg vitamin C pills. I had to work up to that amount, though & you have to be drinking a lot of water as you titrate up & continue to take the vitamin C, if not–it can cause some stomach discomfort. The more water you drink, the more vitamin C you can take. Hope that helps.


    • The collagen-c can be found here: Although, I did not get mine online, I found them at my local chiropractor’s office. You might call around to chiropractors to see if you can get it locally.


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